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Offer gift cards to your customers today!

The Problems?

Struggling with rising costs and tight cash flow?
Traditional funding options like bank loans, grants, crowdfunding, and credit cards can be slow and expensive.
Consider more adaptive solutions to boost your income.

Negative Cash Flow

Mounting Cost Pressure

Reduced Profit Margin

What We Offer?

CheerPay mobile app enables easy connections between businesses and potential customers.
Users can follow businesses, discover nearby promotions, and buy gift cards with just a tap.

Mobile App Functionality

Discovered by Customers Nearby

Simplified Gift Card Purchasing for Customers

Some Questions?

How can our innovative funding solutions benefit your business?

By selling gift cards, merchant receives funds in advance to finance its operations. Thus, providing the merchant with working capital well ahead of time.

What sets CheerPay apart from other gift card providers?

CheerPay’s mobile app enables businesses to effortlessly upload free promotional videos, which are showcased to users when they launch the app. Unlike traditional mail campaigns, CheerPay provides a cost-effective solution that targets consumers more efficiently, streamlining customer outreach for local businesses.

Are there any restrictions on which businesses can use CheerPay?

All types of legitimate businesses are welcome on CheerPay.

Elevate Your Business

Issue and Manage Gift Cards with CheerPay!